TikTok Fined for Collecting Personal Data of 3.5 Million Children

Anne Longfield

England’s former Children’s Commissioner, Anne Longfield has launched a “landmark case” against TikTok claiming that the platform lawlessly collects the non-public information of its kid users.

Longfield has launched the case on behalf of several kids within the UK and also the European Economic space who have used TikTok since twenty-five March 2018.


She alleges that the platform breaches the united kingdom and EU children’s information protection law and her aim is to prevent TikTok from the process the data of millions of children further by forcing it to delete all such existing data and pay compensation. The case file claims that even though the app includes a minimum age demand of thirteen roughly forty-two p.c of the TikTok users are aged between eight years and twelve years. Longfield said We’re not attempting to mention that it’s not fun.


Families like it. It’s been one thing that’s been very necessary over lockdown, it’s helped folks detain touch, they’ve had various enjoyment.

However my read is that the value to buy that shouldn’t be there – for his or her personal data to be lawlessly collected en masse, and passed on to others, likely for money gain, while not them even knowing about it.


 The excessive nature of that assortment are some things that drove the U.S.A. to [challenge] TikTok instead of others. It’s the very fact that for this [age] cluster of youngsters it’s the app of alternative however over 3.5 million children within the UK alone may are affected. Also, it’s the type of knowledge they’re grouping – it can’t probably be acceptable for a video app, particularly precise location, and doubtless face recognition as well.

3.5 million kids

TikTok allegedly takes children’s personal information while not adequate warning, transparency, or the required consent required by law.

Moreover, the information is being bulged without oldsters and youngsters knowing what’s being finished their personal information. per Longfield, over 3.5 million kids within the UK alone may are affected. In response to this, TikTok’s exponent said, Privacy and safety are prime priorities for TikTok and that we have sturdy policies, processes, and technologies in situ to assist shield all users, and our teenage users in particular.

Privacy and Safety

We tend to believe the claims lack advantage and will smartly defend the action. More details are going to be unwrapped because the matter moves forward.

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