Google Lens New Feature Can Now Automatically Translates Screenshots

Google Lens

Google lens users are anticipating the translate from image feature for a minute currently and therefore the company has finally created it out there on the Google Lens Screenshot UI for devices running automaton 11+.

The new feature, initial noticed by 9to5Google, lets Google Lens do the interpretation as presently as you are taking a screenshot of a remote language with none intermediate step.

Social Media

The translate button can come into sight on the screenshot, and a click on that will sight and translate the specified text quickly. After the text is translated, it permits you to repeat the text on the screenshot, which might then be downloaded for offline access or sharing on social media.

Moreover, users also can transfer language packs for offline access. Although this new feature is pretty useful, there’s no indication whether or not the new Google Lens Screenshot translate feature would even be out there in automaton ten or lower, however, we have a tendency to expect it to be a gift in automaton twelve devices.

Offline Access

Note that the majority of the phones today run automaton 10 or lower, so it’ll solely be for Google to roll out this feature for devices running automaton 10 and lower versions. Moreover, the feature has been integrated with the net version for greater functionality.

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