Pakistan Automakers Delaying Car Deliveries Due To Global Chip Shortage

Semiconductor Chips The production lines of many automakers around the world have reportedly stalled across the world thanks to a shortage of semiconductor chips. Toyota As loads of recent cars possess a myriad of technical options that bank heavily on these laptop chips to perform properly, However, due to the shortage, the assembly lines are … Read more

Toyota Unveils Its Electric Vehicle Series bZ4X SUV

Toyota Toyota has disclosed its first-ever Electrical Vehicle (EV) conception as vicinity of its ‘Beyond Zero’ series of electron volts. The vehicle ‘bZ4X’ is associate degree all-electric crossover SUV that’s beneathpinned by an ardent electron volt platform that was designed together by Toyota and Subaru, and reportedly options 2 electric motors and an all-wheel-drive powertrain. … Read more

Proton Unveils the X50 SUV Soon in Pakistan

Islamic Republic of Pakistan It looks to be descending SUVs in Islamic Republic of Pakistan because the news of multiple incoming SUVs has inundated social media. Malaysia’s most reliable supply for automotive news,, recently confirmed that the nucleon X50 is additionally on the way to Pakistan and can be launched here “eventually”. Malaysia The report disclosed … Read more

Honda Announces Deadline to End of Gasoline Cars

Honda Honda recently joined the club of automakers that conceive to go absolutely electrical within the close to future. However, it looks to be the sole one to possess taken an additional realistic and sensible approach by claiming that its complete transition to all-electric vehicles can ensue by 2040. AutoMakers This announcement was created by … Read more